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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Commitments!!! - A mix of tasks 3 & 5

I need to post this here so I can be accountable for myself and keep on top of my goals. 

Part of the challenge is to state your goals so here are mine!!! 

I will be between 70 and 73 kilos when this challenge is over. 
I will keep a food diary and weigh my food to make sure I am within my 1200 calories 
I will not drink alcohol during the 12 week challenge. 
I will cut out soft drink (I drink a LOT of diet coke) 
I will no longer buy junk food and eat it on the way home from the shops 
I will burn at least 500 cals every single day. 
I will do Zumba once a week 
I will start running again and will complete the Relay for Life in Late Feb as well as the Royal Children's Hospital fun run. 
I will get back on the horse if I fall off, even if I feel bruised, battered and beaten I will keep at it! 

So there they are, that is a lot for me to stick to, but if I am going to aim I may as well aim for the stars!! 

I am back on track eating wise which is making me feel better and much more confident in myself. 

I never noticed how headachy and low I felt when I eat junk food. I can literally feel the difference. I am 2 days back into healthy eating and I already feel less bloated and headachy. Emotionally I feel more positive and back in the 'zone' (Though I will admit I had to use Michelle's robot mode when I went to Body Step last night) 

One thing for myself that I hate, is the mirrored sliding doors in my bedroom in the new house. 

Seeing myself in my undies every morning and night is enough to make me absolutely miserable and want to cover them up for a few months... I will get there though!! Damn it I have to because I promised myself and my hubby that I would do it!!


  1. Well done for getting back on track. MFP works miracles, doesn't it? Take care of that hip. Better to rest for 2 days than be out of action for 2 months (just been blogging that ... soooo frustrating). Best of luck. Happy bootcamping!

  2. I think it's great that you're going to weigh your food, I think I need to start doing that also. I feel as if I'm still eating too much, maybe it's just because I'm getting used to smaller portions, but not so sure.