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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pre Season!

Today is the start of Pre-Season!! 

Safe to say the forum has gone crazy with everyone signing up, I am trying to keep up, and failing hehe. 

Anyway to update;

I bought a polar FT4 and I love it!! It is great to see an accurate count of calories I have burnt rather than just using my Iphone app. 

I also Signed up for relay for life with a bunch of the Western Suburb Groups. It means a lot to me as my dad passed away from Multiple Myeloma in 2010. If you wish to donate, or participate if you're in Melbourne, follow the link! :)

SOooo I today, in honour of pre-season, I went to the gym to try and start burning 500cals a day, so I completed a BodyStep class and burnt 603 Calories!!! 

But I must go and cook an nice healthy dinner, and continue to pack my house, as I am moving this Saturday!!


  1. Good luck with the 12WBT - I might see you round the forums, but I don't end up going in there too much, there's always so much happening I get dizzy. So I stalk the blogs instead :)

  2. Oh my! It's moving day today. Here's wishing you all the very best - new home, new start, new you! What could be better!! Fantastic. Wishing you years of happiness in your new abode x
    Symphony (12wbt)