Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goals and Rewards - A post I can like!!

Ok since I have finished all the miserable posts, I would like to get onto a happy one!! 

Since this is my first Challenge, and I am not sure how I will go on it, I will post my major goals and my 'Challenge' goals, smaller goals that I would like to achieve within the 12wbt. At the moment I am just going to post my weight/size loss goals, I have decided at the start of every week I am going to set myself exercise/fitness goals. 

Just so you understand my motivations, and can tell me if I am being realistic or not, here is a bit about me. 

- At 84.6kgs, my BMI is 31
- I am 1.65cm's tall and a largish 14 on the bottom and a 16 on top, mostly thanks to my EE boobies 
- 5 years ago I weighed 58kgs and was a smallish size 10
- 1 year ago I weighed 73kgs and was a comfy size 12, I was also the fittest I had ever been.

Challenge Goals - 

My challenge goals are: 

-  Aim to be between 70 - 73kgs by the end of the challenge. 
- Get my hips down to 100cms, so a loss of 13cms
- Get my waist down to below 80 (the healthy size according to the government)
- Lose 5cms on each arm (this one will be a challenge) 
- Lose at least 5cms on each thigh

That is me attempting to lose 11kgs and 41cms in 12 weeks. So that's 900gms a week and 3.41cms a week. 

Long Term Goals - I want them done by my birthday (29th July) 

My long term goals are 

- Be 60-63kgs putting my BMI in the ideal 22
- Fit back into my size 12 jeans!! And when I say fit I mean none of that evil muffin top crap, I mean fit into them and look gooooood!

REWARDS!! (My favourite part!!) 

Since I have a childlike mind and need rewards to keep me going they are going to be:

- $20 for every kilo I lose, to spend on whatever I like
- $1 for every cm I lose, as I am hoping to lose way more of these than kgs. 
- When I hit my goal weight, I get to go and have a 50's pinup photo shoot done, as I have always wanted one, but never had the guts as I feel too fat for it. 
- Getting another tattoo! (I currently have only one, a dragon on my back)

So I am hoping I do well so I get all this moolah to myself!!! 


  1. I love your rewards. I struggled trying to come up with my rewards, I should have done what you did and just given myself money for each kilo lost. And with 45kg to lose that's a LOT of money to spend lol.

    The photo shoot sounds absolutely awesome. Will you post pics of it when you get it done?

    Looking forward to reading more,

    Bamz (from the forums...) or Tina from (I'm going to have multiple personality syndrome soon :D )

  2. Oooooo - love the positivity peaking through on this post. The first days of January were coming across as quite depressing, but a great STICK! And you've got your CARROTS sorted, too. Brilliant. Great goals. Wishing you all the best. See you around the 12wbt forums. I'm a newbie there (symphony)