Monday, January 2, 2012

Day one of what will hopefully not just be another fad

It is Jan 1 2012 and I find it safe to say I have failed every new years resolution for the last 8 years. 

Every year I tell myself, this is the year, the year I lose the weight and keep it off, this is MY year to get my body sorted. It never happens. 

Last year I got close! I lost a LOT of weight (near on 15 kilos) for my wedding. But add the stress of losing a baby and starting a new job, where I am the only female and the word 'diet' is a bit of a joke to these boys, it's very safe to say, the weight I lost is back, and it bought some friends with it... 

It was a slow creep up, I barely noticed it, until I went up 1 size and then another....My beautiful jeans that I have owned forever no longer fit, I have rolls that I have never seen before, and I am more uncomfortable in myself than I have ever been. 

I am now the largest I have ever been. At what I believe is about 88kgs, my bmi puts me in the obese category. 


I have decided that this year is MY year! I refuse to spend another year miserable about my weight and refusing to do certain activities because of my size.

I signed up for Michelle Bridges 12wbt.

I know a few people who have had great success with this and who are also going to take part, adding a support network that I need. 

I am no longer going to make excuses for myself, enough is enough! 

I aim to be 60 - 63kgs by my birthday, which is July 29th. So I have 7 months to lose 25 - 28kgs which is almost 4 kilos a month, I hope I can do it, and I hope this blog will help to keep me accountable!!!

In this 12 week challenge I would very much like to be in the mid to low range 70's. I have a photo of myself in my bathers.... but its pretty awful, so I will steel myself to post that photo with my first official weigh and measure. 

Wish me luck... 


  1. Hi Jodie, I to am the biggest I have ever been we can and will do this, I need to lose between 18-20kg and have also signed up for the 12wbt, so heres to us hot looking gals in the next few months, I look forward to following your journey.

  2. Hi Donna!

    Thanks for posting :) It's good to know there are other people out there who are in my situation. Its silly but it makes me feel like less of a failure, because its not just me who struggles with this stuff, everyone does!

    Good luck on your journey, I'll probably see you on the forums!! :)

  3. Hi Jodie,

    Cool to see another person up for the 12wbt. i too spent last year in a male dominated workplace where diet is an ugly word. I've got about 8-10kg's to ditch this year & my wedding in April. Looking forward to sharing the challenge!