Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6 - Yesterday

Yesterday was a bit of a sad day for me. It is the day that our baby should have been born, had I not lost it early in my pregnancy.

Hubby was lovely, as I am still on holidays I met him at his work for lunch, he works at the new Royal Children's Hospy, so we had a nice healthy lunch out in the sun and went to admire the Meerkats and Aquarium.

So that was fun. 

Yesterday also earmarked my return to the gym!! 

I spent an hour at the gym, 20 on the tredmill and 40 doing arm and leg work as well as 200 crunches (one of the challenges I signed up for) 200 sit ups everyday, omfg it is HARD! My abs are killing me today, so I am going to try and complete as many as I can every second day and then 200 the days after, until I get fitter. 

Today is my last day of holidays :( 

I admit I love my job, but just sitting around relaxing and getting my mind back on track has been awesome... 

Anyway that's it for me for now, back to the gym soon, though it wont be fun in this heat!! 

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  1. Hi Jodie, I just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying reading your blog.
    So sorry to hear about your pregnancy loss, hoping that 12WBT helps you in future!