Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 2 - The battle of staying on track with PMS & my first week back at work...

As the header states, I am struggling a little...

It is my first week back at work after 2 1/2 weeks of holidays, where I pretty much acted like a couch cushion... I sat there and looked puffy... haha yes I popped in a fat joke :P 

So I'm back at work all determined to continue on and be healthy and it has pretty much worked...for the most part... 
I confess;

- Rather than going to Zumba, I sat on my bean bag and went to sleep. This WAS an accident and I was quite cranky that I missed my first go back of the year
- I had a Cheesymite scroll for lunch one day. Within the required calories, but lets face it, no nutrition value whatsoever!!! 
- I only went to the gym three times this week :( 

Admittedly having severe PMS and cramping has also not been handy...Safe to say I am an overtired, emotional wreck who just wants chocolates or something sweet. 

Contraceptives are part of the reason I am the size I am. I had an adverse reaction to the Depo Provera needle, which stuffed up my whole body for a little over three months, wherein all I could do was wait for it to leave my system. 

I put on 8 kilos in 3 months. 3 freaking months There was nothing I could do about it, which made me feel even worse. 

I went back on the pill after the Depo wore off and I am finally starting to feel like the Jodie of yore. The old me LOVED going to the gym, I am now slowly getting back into that, my energy levels are returning and I am no longer a cranky horrid mess all the time, which my poor hubby is very grateful for.  

That is why this challenge means so much to me right now!! I can do the gym thing, I can work out HARD, it is eating that stuffs me up. I am a comfort eater, a boredom eater, an emotional eater....let's face it, I just make any excuse to eat!!! My partner and I also lead very busy lives, we're up at 5:30 to get to work on time, I work 10 hour days and also work a Saturday, so a lot of the time it is just easier to get Take Away or a Microwave fried rice. 


I have explained to Dan (the hubby) how being overweight makes me feel, like less of a person and less of a wife and future baby mama that I could be. He is now going to help me, no more take away food in the house, and no more junk food. He can have his junk at work (he is blessed enough to be a slim built guy, and can eat anything!!) 

I have also spoken with my bosses. I work in an all male work place (the construction industry), and whilst on site, I am also generally the only female, and the word diet is a joke to these blokes. However I am great friends with them all, and I told them how I need to be healthy now, they also need to lose a bit of weight so they have surprisingly happily jumped on board and are actively trying to eat healthier :) 

I have also convinced my bosses wife, a lovely mumma of 4 with an 8 month old bub, to sign up. She is getting very excited about it, and I am looking forward to having someone I know in the challenge with me! 

Ok, a lot more has happened, so I am going to make another post when I get home from work...


  1. Good on you Jodie for putting it out there I told my hubby and daughter he is now joining me and my beautiful daughter is going to be my coach lol, I to struggle with bad PMS but when I did a 12 week program back in 2005 I was really sucessful and all my PMS symptons disapeared after I lost the weight and became superfit, I have put on over 10kg after an Op last year, and also just eat for the sake of eating I even eat when I'm happy (crazy ah)but now enough is enough I want to feel good again so heres to us we can overcome this.

  2. Good on you getting Hubby involved!! Man I am hoping that my PMS-yness goes away!

    Haha eating is the WORST, I am trying hard to cut back on my eating, I am substituting naughty food for good, and when I really crave chocolate I have a diet mousse, 70Cals so not too naughty at all :)