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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting Back on Track

I admit it, this last two weeks have been shite. 

In between moving, changing over power, money and having everything packed my eating went off the rails. I fell back into bad habits, hard. Junk food and midnight cravings went crazy and so did I. 

I don't know what I weigh, as I am saving that until tomorrow, but I know that I have put weight on.

I have the internet back and am starting on the pre-season tasks and getting myself back on track. 

We have moved house and I love it, it has aircon and a beautiful back yard that is easy to maintain and has a patch of garden, which I am turning into a vege and fruit garden. So far I have planted Chili, Capsicum, strawberries and red onion. I will add a picture when it is less dirt and sad seelings and more actual plant :) 

Today, I am going shopping for all the stuff I need, cleaning out a space in my house for my exercise stuff and timetables and giving myself a timetable to go to the gym and get back on track. 

 Here are some of the classes I am going to try to take part in each week;

Between that, I am also going to Zumba on Tuesday nights, through a different place, and I am going to try the SSS sessions the Western subs girls are all taking part in, all depending on money as it gets quite expensive when you add the Gym, 12wbt and Zumba on Tuesdays. 

The money I am spending alone should hopefully motviate me to do a bit more, as I dont like spending money and getting nothing for it... 

Oh well I will be back tomorrow, I am off to go shopping and hopefully go for a walk. Weigh in tomorrow so it could be a very sookie day for me...

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