Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3 - No weigh in for me :(

Ok, after asking the girls on the forum, I have found it is better for me to get real life scales, which by an awesome happenstance are on special at Aldi for a bloody good set. $16!!! Crazy. So the wayin has been waylaid again. 

I am having a lot of trouble getting motivated to do exercise this week, mostly because it is currently 33c IN MY HOUSE... safe to say all I have been feeling is drained and sick. Though it has increased my water intake by a lot. 

So, due to the heat, I am trying to make this week about prep work. If I am not organised then I fail, I admit that. I am a stickler for planning so it is easier for me to pre-plan a lot of the stuff I am going to be doing (gym times, shopping days, meals etc) 


This is more about buying the things I feel I 'need' (and I admit a few things I want to sneakily pop in there too) in order to successfully do this. 

1. Scales! I am buying these tomorrow from Aldi - $16
2. Heart Rate Monitor - I am going to buy the Polar FT4 model - $99 less wbt discount
3. Food Diary - Or a diary journal type thing to record everything! *any reccomendations would be much appreciated!*
4. Michelle Bridge's cookbook (an example of one I snuck in) 
5. New workout shorts/tights, everything I own has holes in them... 
6. A smaller dinner plate - I have read that the size of your plate affects how much you eat, something to do with the size of your portion looking smaller/bigger, ours are those HUGE square plates, so I need to change that! 
7. A Before shot of myself, I want to stick this on the fridge, so I stay out of the bloody thing!

I think that is about all I need for now, please let me know if I have forgotten anything. Most of the other things, measuring tape etc, I already have...

That's it for me for the evening, I am trying to add more gym music to Podly (my Ipod). Making a heap of different playlists for my moods :D

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