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Saturday, January 28, 2012

I've been moving!!

Afternoon Everyone!! 

I haven't stopped posting and I haven't stopped trying to lose weight, I have been moving :S 

Safe to say no internet is driving me crazy!!

I miss the forums and I miss my blog and facebook, yes my addiction is high lol. 

Anyway I have been a bit naughty, due to having no fridge or power for almost 3 days, which is another drama all together, and I am feeling like a big miserable blob. 

So I am getting back 100% on track today, my new cupboard is full of herbs and spices and loads of veggies so I dont have the excuse of naughty food being in the pantry. 

I will take some photos and do a bigger post this arvo, but right now I am going to go for a pedicure as I need a 1/2 hour of some quiet private time, as moving as destroyed all my calm. 

Thanks for following me lovely ladies (and gents if you're out there :) ) 

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