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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 2 of no Soft Drink - I will survive!

I decided on Monday that I need to quit soft drink. I drink WAY too much diet coke and it's clearly not good for me as its most of my daily sodium intake and generally makes me feel bloated. 

Today is Day 2 of no soft drink and I am ok. I was a little tired and cranky last night, as I usually have diet coke with Dinner, but I will battle through!! 

Last night I did 2 classes! I completed CxWorx, a strength training class, burning 250 cals, and then went to Zumba and burnt 579cals. Usually I would burn more, but I got the worst stitch about half way through Zumba and couldn't jump at all. 

Are there any remedies to get rid of stitches?


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  1. Not much you can do about a stitch, Jodie - except work through it - but congratulations on kicking the diet drinks. They're poison when it comes to weight loss (or anything for that matter lol) ... did you know they have a chemical in them that affects your 'feeling full' signals - so when you drink diet drinks you'll always overeat? Perfect timing to kick them!! Well done!