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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week One! - It has begun!

This week has been insane. From work, fitness tests and going to the gym I have had 0 time to get much of anything done. 

I am loving this challenge! I have pics to post, which I will do when I get home from work today, just of my diary and calendars etc. 

I also have my 'real' before picture (which is worse than the ones I posted here) so I have decided not to show it until the end, as looking at it makes me miserable. 

Safe to say I am very busy at the moment!! 

A Day In The Life Of Jodie: 

5:30 - Wake up have a coffee and get ready for work 
6:30 - Drop hubby off at the station
7:20 - Get to work, have some brekky, peruse my forums/blogs fb for 20 mins before starting real work. 
11:30 - 12:00 - LUNCH! 
4:30 - Finish work head home. 
4:50 - Get home, spend a bit of time cleaning the house or doing some washing
5:30 - Go and pick Dan up from the Station
6:00 - Get home and get dressed for the gym
7:30 - 8:00 - Home from the gym 
8:00 - Cook tea and lunches for the next day, a bit of cleaning, shower and relax. 
10:30 -11:00 - Bed! 

Safe to say I do a lot in a day. On Tuesdays it is more, as I go to a 30min class at my gym between getting home from work and picking Dan up.

I have managed to stick within my 1200cals each day, and I have cut out most carbs (bread/pasta etc) as they make me feel like crap. 

I am very proud of myself as I have also continued my diet coke embargo, and am just drinking water, protein shake and my 1 coffee a day
An example of my food for a day:

Breakfast: Coffee with baked beans on 1 piece of Burgen Bread - 298 Cals 
Lunch: Generally a salad or stir fry - 2-300 Cals
Dinner: Some sort of meat & Steamed veggies - 262 Calories 
Snacks: Protein Shake - 200 Cals  or some sort of fruit

At LEAST 3 litres of water a day. I generally drink more. 


I actually love exercise, so this part of the challenge is no issue to me. 

Monday: Gym - 558 Cals 
Tuesday: CX Worx - 250 & Zumba - 611 = 861 in total
Weds: Fat Blaster - 675 Cals 

I am getting into the forums, and trying my hardest to keep up to date with everything. 
I surprised myself in the fitness test, I actually did quite well. 

Fingers crossed for a big loss next week!! Good luck to all of you lovlies, I hope you all lose weight so we can look smashing on the 19th of May!!

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